Boombox (Indie Exclusive Orange)

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Release Date: 11/11/2022
Release type: Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl LP Pressing. 


After touring the world and building a loyal fanbase for the better part of twenty years, Fozzy is the epitome of what a killer rock n roll band should be: catchy, groovy, hooky, sweaty and most importantly, a GREAT EFFEN TIME! With five consecutive TOP 20 singles, Fozzy is steadily becoming one of the most successful bands on Modern Rock Radio, with their breakthrough massive smash song "Judas" achieving Gold Record status of 500,000 units sold in February of 2022.

  1. Sane
  2. I Still Burn
  3. Purifier
  4. Army Of One
  5. Ugly On The Inside
  6. Relax
  7. Nowhere To Run
  8. My Great Wall
  9. What Hell Is Like
  10. Omen
  11. The Worst Is Yet To Come
  12. The Vulture Club

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