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Release Date: 11/13/2020
 Darling Recordings
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 Vinyl LP Pressing

Falcon Jane's second album Faith started coming together at the beginning of 2019 when Sara May, the artist behind the band, experienced a string of deaths in her family. Attending a seemingly endless number of traditional Catholic funerals within the space of a year caused May to dive inwards, reassessing her own notions of memory, grief, love, ceremony and identity. "Music is how I process vulnerable emotions like sadness and grief," she says, "and for me these funerals were traumatic in a way."

Faith is a way of excavating her truth through clear-eyed self-examination. "This album is just as much about trying to figure out what kind of person I am as it is about death," she says. "Where do my beliefs lie? Am I a good person? There needed to be a big collapse in order to grow. A total exhale so that I could breathe in new life, new faith." This new faith is presented in "Heaven", a track that culminates these internal struggles with an idyllic, peaceful state. "That's where I'm trying to get to," May adds. "The rest of the songs are doing the hard work to try to get there."
1 All of a Sudden
2 Heaven
3 Feelings
4 The Other Moon
5 Messages
6 Make It Fade
7 Had Enough
8 Take Your Turn
9 Held High
10 Beautiful Dream

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