Take Back The Night (Clear Brown)

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Release Date: 03/10/2023
Release type:
 Indie Exclusive Translucent Brown Vinyl LP Pressing.

At 35 years deep the Dwarves remain the most eclectic, bizarre and misunderstood punk band of all time. Hardcore, pop punk, metal, bubblegum, experimental and all hard genres are represented here, but this one strikes hard at the garage undergut. Hits include Forget Me Not, Devil's Level, Here's Looking At You and Trace Amounts.
  1. Forget Me Not
  2. City By The Bay
  3. Devil's Level
  4. Everything & Moore
  5. Take Back The Night
  6. It's You I Don't Believe
  7. Here's Looking At You
  8. Julio
  9. Anything That Moves
  10. Dead In My Dreams
  11. Get Away
  12. You Turn Me On
  13. Nowhere Fast
  14. This Song Is A Safe Space
  15. Trace Amounts

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