Disturbing The Peace - 10 Action Movies

Disturbing The Peace - 10 Action Movies


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Mexican Mob War - Six men must complete various tasks before moving up the ladder in the crime world. Each more dangerous than the last.

7 Colombian Kilos - The brutal story of betrayal between two partners in the violent business of supplying drugs to Chicago's West Side. Greed and mistrust tear apart their childhood-long friendship.

Owned - Cisco is an ex-con recently released from prison who wants to start a new life for himself. But a local drug dealer wants $10,000 for a past debt which forces Cisco into the underground world of crime once again to figure a way out.

Consignment - Consignment is the authentic and brutal story of an East Coast drug dealer forced to flee to California only to realize state lines don't erase past sins.

Mexican Sunrise - Ryan is getting married. His friends take him across the US-Mexican border for a bachelor party the night before his wedding. A night that begins with tequila and strippers turns fatal when the boys cross paths with a local drug lord. Based on a true events.

Border Town - In the five years since human traffickers kidnapped his daughter, Vincent has traveled the world and left a bloody wake behind him. Now he has found the town where his daughter is being held and the pimp who's keeping her. Over one night in Solo, Mexico, Vincent is determined to fulfill the promise he made years ago: get his daughter back and kill the man who took her.

Hoodrats - Two homies from the hood are persued by police and thugs who suspect they are in posession of a mysterious "package"

Stone Cold Killers - LOS JODEDORES portrays the complexity of survival amidst a backdrop of drugs, violence and poverty. Honest in its direct portrayal of erratic human behavior, the film draws the audience into the hearts and minds of these characters. Cheo, Frankie, Pachi and Armond have little or no choices, but they are neither one-dimensional nor simply defined by their drug-dealing trade- they are complex characters in their own rights. With chilling insight, Duran offers a scathing look into a tumultuous and vilified underground culture with an unadorned sincerity.

The Scratch - Jake, a rookie private eye, spends each day minding a small private investigation office and filing papers. Dying for more action Jake jumps at the chance to be in on a big score. His boss, Fred, outlines the heist that will make the whole team rich and tells them about a kidnapped computer hacker who downloaded something he shouldn't have. Therein lies the caper: rescue the hacker and retrieve the downloaded booty for themselves. But things don't always go as planned. The heist turns deadly when a hidden agenda is revealed leading to an explosive climax of betrayal and revenge.

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