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Release Date: 2004
Format: Pre-Owned CD
Label: Universal Records
Catalog Number: B0003676-10

CD1-1 Open Up 5:06
CD1-2 Time Served 4:51
CD1-3 Here We Go 8:30
CD1-4 Cover This 5:12
CD1-5 Riddle 5:37
CD1-6 Bang Bang 6:19
CD1-7 Ride A Tear 7:45
CD1-8 Lightning 6:16
CD1-9 Mayday 7:11
CD1-10 Even 5:08
CD1-11 Passerby 7:36
CD1-12 Prince Of Spades 8:54
Hatch Shell
CD2-1 Past The Falls 7:24
CD2-2 Bulletholes 5:33
CD2-3 Fallin' 5:41
CD2-4 Two Coins 5:06
CD2-5 Bridges 6:51
CD2-6 Elias 7:31
CD2-7 Carry You 6:59
CD2-8 Bats 9:58
CD2-9 Outloud 10:04
CD2-10 General 8:09
Best Of Both Shows
DVD-1 Open Up
DVD-2 Time Served
DVD-3 Here We Go
DVD-4 Bang Bang
DVD-5 Ride A Tear
DVD-6 Mayday
DVD-7 Even
DVD-8 Mission
DVD-9 Past The Falls
DVD-10 Two Coins
DVD-11 Passerby
DVD-12 Riddle
DVD-13 Fallin'
DVD-14 Bridges
DVD-15 Prince Of Spades
DVD-16 Headlights
DVD-17 Elias
DVD-18 Carry You
DVD-19 Bats
DVD-20 Outloud
DVD-21 General
Special Features
DVD-22 Bats Video '99
DVD-23 Remake Me
DVD-24 The Dispatch Wall
DVD-25 Road Trip
DVD-26 Documentary Preview

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