Frog In Boiling Water (Indie Exclusive Green)

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Release Date: 05/24/2024
Fantasy - FAN02364
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Indie Exclusive Green Colored Vinyl LP Pressing. 

Produced by Chris Coady and written by DIIV (pronounced Dive), Frog in Boiling Water, the band's fourth full-length LP is a collection of snapshots that explore the brutal realities of end-stage capitalism and overwhelming technological advances. Across 10 dark and dazzling tracks, DIIV documents the collapse from various angles with unusual sensitivity and depth of purpose while expanding their grand, hypnotic shoegaze to create a transportive, sensual work of hope, beauty and renewal.

  1. In Amber
  2. Brown Paper Bag
  3. Raining on Your Pillow
  4. Frog in Boiling Water
  5. Everyone Out
  6. Reflected
  7. Somber the Drums
  8. Little Birds
  9. Soul-net
  10. Fender on the Freeway

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