David Wiffen

David Wiffen

Live at the Bunkhouse (Reissue)

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Release Date: 11/01/2021
Format: LP
Label: Mapache Records
Release type: Reissued Vinyl LP Pressing

  • First ever vinyl reissue
  • Remastered from the original tapes
  • Original cover art by Bob Masse
  • Tip On Jacket

One could assume that while David Wiffen was standing on the side of the road hitchhiking across Canada in the mid-60s, he was daydreaming of a successful music career. One could doubt that one of those daydreams would be about an album he recorded in Vancouver in 1965 which would still be in demand 55 years later!

The “Bunkhouse album” was originally going to be a folk sampler which was very popular in those days but the other artists pulled out at the last minute due to a major snowstorm and David Wiffen recorded It as a solo effort.

“Live at the Bunkhouse” was, in fact, recorded during a 3-hour session at a small studio on West Broadway in Vancouver and 100 copies were released on the Universal International label.

By the early ‘70s, David would become known as one of Canada’s greatest songwriters and many artists including; Harry Belafonte, The Byrds & Tom Rush, recorded his songs.

Called the “Holy Grail” of Canadian folk, the “Bunkhouse” album has become one of the most difficult albums to find for record collectors around the world and we’re proud to bring it back to life.

  1. Four Strong Winds
  2. Slice of Life
  3. Since I Fell For You
  4. Abilene
  5. Don't Think Twice
  6. Mule Skinner Blues
  7. Courtin' in the Kitchen
  8. You Don't Know My Mind
  9. Blue
  10. Times are Getting Hard
  11. Four in the Mornin

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