Constant Follower

Constant Follower

Neither Is, Or Ever Was (Clear)

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Release Date: 10/22/2021
Format: LP
Label: Shimmy Disc / Joyful Noise Recordings
Release type: "Hill Fog" Clear Vinyl LP Pressing

Constant Follower's debut album "Neither Is, Nor Ever Was" was borne out of a respect for change, and the inevitable passing of time that frightens, comforts and humbles every one of us at once. It is a haunting testimonial to the temporary joys and fleeting moments that define the human experience - no matter the individual passages it takes. The name of the outfit itself is a reflection of those things that we carry through life, for better or worse, that ultimately make us who we are. The current band consists of Stephen McAll (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth, bass), Andrew Pankhurst (electric guitar), Amy Campbell (backing vocals and synth), and McAll’s partner Kessi Stosch (backing vocals, synth and bass). "Neither Is, Nor Ever Was" - co-produced by Scottish singer-songwriter Stephen McAll and the legendary record producer Kramer. The recording for the album began in early 2020 at La Chunky studios in Glasgow with engineer Johnny Smillie. This was interrupted by the birth of McAll's daughter. If you listen closely, her cries are just audible during some of Kessi's backing vocals, and shortly afterwards by Covid 19 restrictions. McAll began recording the rest at his own CFFC studio in Stirling. The recording was then beautifully mixed by Kramer. Once the LP was complete Kramer also did the final mastering. The videos for the release are truly short films that have been submitted to film festivals. They are enchanting, ethereal and immersive, the band's visuals are as moving and cinematic as their sound. Martin J Pickering, who is renowned for his work with Dua Lipa, Paloma Faith and Lethal Bizzle, is behind their latest music video for "Set Aside Some Time". The result - intense pangs of emotion interspersed with moments of reflection and acceptance - an ephemeral ode to the passing of time.

  1. I Can't Wake You 05:55
  2. The Merry Dancers On TV 04:48
  3. Set Aside Some Time 03:01
  4. Spirits In The Roof Tree 04:20
  5. Altona 02:43
  6. Weave of the World 02:50
  7. One Word Away 03:35
  8. Little Marble 05:01
  9. What's Left To Say 03:00
  10. Weicha 05:22

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