Cleaners From Venus

Cleaners From Venus

A Dawn Chorus: Early Cleaners & Beyond (Remaster)

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Release Date: 05/14/2013
Format: LP
Label: Captured Tracks – CT-178
Release type: Reissued/Remastered Vinyl LP Pressing

  1. Roots And Beginnings
  2. Russian Picture
  3. Bon Temps Roulez
  4. Mrs. Killer
  5. Sylvie In Toytown
  6. Young Jobless
  7. The Secret Dreams Of A Kitchen Porter
  8. It's Been So Long
  9. Something In My Eye
  10. When Fire Burns Dreams
  11. Amateur Paranoiac
  12. Drowning Butterflies (Big Expensive Version)
  13. Beyond The Blue Horizon

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