Chelsea Wolfe

Apokalypsis (Indie Exclusive Black & Grey Marble)

  • $26.98


Release Date: 05/20/2022
Format: LP
Label: Sargent House
Release type: Indie Exclusive Black & Grey Marble Vinyl LP Pressing

  • Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
Chelsea Wolfe's sound is best described with broad strokes: elemental, intense, radiant, ancient yet modern, intimate yet expansive, dark and sparkling. Hues of black metal and deep blues inform her ever-evolving electric folk, a warm force that wraps itself around the listener, encouraging uplift, seeking triumph. After The Grime and The Glow, Wolfe relocated to Los Angeles and recorded her second album, 2011's Apokalypsis, which found her in an actual studio with her live band.
  1. Primal/Carnal 0:24
  2. Mer 3:44
  3. Tracks (Tall Bodies) 4:00
  4. Demons 3:14
  5. Movie Screen 5:34
  6. The Wasteland 4:03
  7. Moses 4:07
  8. Friedrichshain 2:43
  9. Pale on Pale 6:59
  10. To the Forest, Towards the Sea 2:41

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