Border Lost/Freedom Strike/Mafioso

Border Lost/Freedom Strike/Mafioso


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Border Lost 2008 Color 105 minutes Rated R
Starring: Chris Cleveland, Wes McGee, Alejandro Antonio
An elite task force assigned to protect innocents near the Mexican border is shut down due to politics and red tape. When the criminals expand their ruthless reign of terror, they end up murdering one of the former agents and take another back with them into Mexico. Three agents decide to take the law into their own hands and cross into Mexico to rescue their partner and exact some justice - and vengeance.
Freedom Strike 1998 Color 93 minutes Rated R
Starring: Michael Dudikoff, Tone Loc, Felicity Waterman
A covert mission to sabotage an Iraqi nuclear reactor mobilizes America's best Tomcat pilots. Captain Stone and his partner James MacDonald execute their patriotic mission under the cover of night to protect American soil from terrorists preparing to strike. Can Stone and MacDonald complete the mission before the terrorist launch their attack on the Free World?
Mafioso: The Father, The Son 2004 Color 104 minutes Rated R
Starring: Sal Mazzotta, Leo Rossi, Johnny Williams
Don Antonio Paradiso is a pious man, a loving husband, a devoted father...and the head of a legendary crime family that owns the city of Philadelphia. His son Frank is the heir apparent to his father's empire, but an assassination attempt wreaks havoc on both personal and business dealings. Together with the most trusted members of the Paradiso organization, Frank tries to discover who is responsible for the assassination attempt only becomes a target himself.

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