Black Stone Cherry

Live From The Royal Albert Hall... Y'All!

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Release Date: 06/24/2022
2 X LP
Release type:
 140 Gram Vinyl LP Pressing

Double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. On Wednesday September 29, 2021 - the year of the band's 20th Anniversary - Kentucky's favorite sons, Black Stone Cherry, realized their childhood dream of playing at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, London. And they don't disappoint as they open with the explosive "Me and Mary Jane." From clubs to arenas and Festival headline performances, no one puts on the kind of show that these boys do. They tear through an impressive back catalog, playing songs from their most recent studio album The Human Condition through to their biggest hits and fan favorites. The band have always belonged to the fans and vice versa, which is why when you hear those songs emanate from the stage and then sung back, every fan in the world can close their eyes and remember either being there or imagine being there and the sheer joy and pride in the boys for realizing a dream.
  1. Me and Mary Jane
  2. Burnin'
  3. Again
  4. Yeah Man
  5. In My Blood
  6. Ringin' in My Head
  7. Like I Roll
  8. Cheaper to Jam
  9. Hell and High Water
  10. Soul Creek
  11. Devil's Queen
  12. Drum Solo
  13. Things My Father Said
  14. In Love with the Pain
  15. Blind Man
  16. Boom Boom
  17. White Trash Millionaire
  18. Lonely Train
  19. Peace Is Free

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