Black Diamond Heavies

Black Diamond Heavies

All To Hell: Their Baddest and Greasiest (Clear Orange)

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Release Date: 03/18/2022
Format: LP
Label: Alive Records
Release type: Clear Orange Vinyl LP Pressing

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES is a punk-ass blues duo from the South featuring John Wesley Myers a.k.a. JAMES LEG (vocals/keys), and VAN CAMPBELL (drums/vocals). “All To Hell - Their Baddest and Greasiest” includes 3 tracks released on vinyl for the first time and 2 previously unreleased live tracks featuring founding member Mark “Porkchop” Holder (guitar/vocals). All the material on this release has been remastered. “Their attack of drums and keyboards is a mean, f*cked up, gospel punky hybrid and rocks with ragged, soulful passion.” – ROCK SOUND

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