Bad Wolves

Die About It (White)

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Release Date: 11/03/2023

Format: LP
Label: Better Noise Music
Release type: White Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Bad Wolves refuse to follow. Instead, the platinum-certified Los Angeles band-John Boecklin [drums], Daniel"DL" Laskiewicz [lead vocals], Doc Coyle [lead guitar, backing vocals] and Kyle Konkiel [bass, backing vocals]-circumvent convention by stretching the boundaries of hard rock with earthquaking heaviness, enigmatic experimentation, and enthralling melodies. Bulldozing boundaries is nothing new for the boys though and their upcoming album, DIE ABOUT IT, continues to carry on that narrative. With a story that emphasizes the sarcastic statement pointed towards those defending their own beliefs into absurdity, wrong or right, the Bad Wolves believe if you're gonna cry about it then you might as well DIE ABOUT IT. 

  1. Bad Friend (Full Version)
  2. Die About It
  3. Savior
  4. Hungry for Life
  5. Legends Never Die
  6. Nda
  7. Move on
  8. Masquerade
  9. Say It Again
  10. It's You (2 Months) [Feat. Killboy]
  11. Turn It Down
  12. Set You on Fire

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