Bad Religion

Bad Religion

The Dissent Of Man

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Release Date: 09/28/2010
Format: LP
Label: Epitaph
Release type: Vinyl LP Release

2010 release from the Punk Rock survivors. Bad Religion are celebrating three decades of influential, thought provoking and groundbreaking Punk Rock with the Dissent of Man, their 15th studio album overall. The result is one of the band's most forward thinking and musically varied albums ever.

  1. The Day That the Earth Stalled
  2. Only Rain
  3. The Resist Stance
  4. Won't Somebody
  5. The Devil in Stitches
  6. Pride and the Pallor
  7. Wrong Way Kids
  8. Meeting of the Minds
  9. Someone to Believe
  10. Avalon
  11. Cyanide
  12. Turn Your Back on Me
  13. Ad Hominem
  14. Where the Fun Is
  15. I Won't Say Anything
  16. The Day That the Earth Stalled
  17. Only Rain
  18. The Resist Stance
  19. Won't Somebody
  20. The Devil in Stitches
  21. Pride and the Pallor
  22. Wrong Way Kids
  23. Meeting of the Minds
  24. Someone to Believe
  25. Avalon
  26. Cyanide
  27. Turn Your Back on Me
  28. Ad Hominem
  29. Where the Fun Is
  30. I Won't Say Anything

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