Analog Girl In A Digital World

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Release Date: 07/02/2021
AMS Records – 8390
Release type:
 Recycled Vinyl LP Pressing

Arielle is a 21st-century classic rock artist who recorded half of the new album in digital, and the other half in tape, to try and capture the impact the music of the ’60s and ’70s had on her.

This album featured her self-built guitar Two-Tone, as well as her new signature guitar, The Arielle coming out under Brian May Guitars in March 2021.

"Analog Girl In A Digital World is a concept album that takes you on a journey through the trials, tribulations, and confusion of an old-school artist in a fast-paced world.” – Arielle

1. Dialup
2. Digital World
3. Peace of Mind
4. This Is Our Intervention
5. You're Still A Man
6. Inside & Outside
7. I'd Rather Be In England
8. Living In A Fortress
9. Reimagine Redefine

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