Anna McClellan

Anna McClellan

I Saw First Light (Pink)

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Release Date: 11/20/2020
 Father/Daughter Records
Release type:
 Pink Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

The third album from Omaha, NE-based songwriter, Anna McClellan entitled I saw first light obliquely relates a tumultuous year in the life of it's composer. Moving, geographically, from the heart of New York City to a bucolic retreat upstate, and finally back to her midwestern hometown of Omaha, NE, Anna also traversed emotional states - from the restless frenzy of urban life, to the enforced, depressive rumination of the country. Her vision - one artist's reckoning with her forebears and coevals, along with her ongoing obligation to use art as a tool for connection and understanding - coalesced, upon her return to Nebraska, with the help of local friends, into the album.

1 Con S Sewer
2 Raisin
3 Desperate
4 Feel You
5 To Prove
6 Pace of the Universe
7 Celery
8 Gone
9 Trying Too Hard
10 Veronica
11 No Wind

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