A Giant Dog

Fight (Peak Vinyl)

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Release Date: 07/29/2022

Format: LP
Label: Merge Records
Release type: 10th Anniversary Edition Remastered Reissue Peak Vinyl Exclusive Green Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Celebrating it's tenth birthday in 2022 is A Giant Dog Fight, the Texas group's hard-to-find debut album, remixed, remastered, and pressed on green vinyl just for the occasion. All the trademark tenets of AGD lore are on display at the jump: monstrously adorable album art and punny title, whip-smart songwriting dolled up in denim and leather, boiled down to the sweetest moments and blown out to the masses with bravado to spare. Upon Fight's original release, the local Austin Chronicle raved: "The raucous, low-rent squall quakes with affirmative abandon, while a just-right dose of pop girds the buzz and yowl.

1 Anyway
2 Chatterteeth
3 Cowboy
4 Teenage Orgasm
5 Strange
6 Qyjara
7 Saturday
8 Hang Around
9 Mi Fascina
10 World
11 Hunted Down
12 Too Metal
13 Dog Collar Blues
14 Trashcan USA
15 Pins N Needles

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