Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine

Split The Country, Split The Street / Make The Clocks Move

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Format: Pre-Owned Vinyl LP

Notes On Vinyl Condition: Album has been washed and deemed to be in VG+ condition or better. Please purchase with confidence.

Notes On Cover Condition: Normal shelf wear. 

  1. Cotton Crush
  2. Afterparty
  3. No Time Flat
  4. Keep Ringing Your Bell
  5. No One Else's Problem
  6. Buried By The Buzz
  7. Haircut
  8. Probably
  9. Alabama Acres
  10. Yr Damned Ol' Dad
  11. The Shift Change Splits The Streets
  12. You Are The Daybreak
  13. Lord, I Know We Don't Talk
  14. Ballgame
  15. Wolf's Mouth
  16. Noose Dressed Like A Necklace
  17. Not Over You Yet
  18. A Flatline Blur
  19. Whistling Dixie
  20. People Are So Fickle
  21. Marie
  22. Country Sky Glow
  23. Longer That I'm Out Here
  24. Tapdance
  25. You're My Incentive
  26. Splitting Up Christmas
  27. Thanks

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