Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

Not For Cajuns Only Vol. 1 - “Hunt Dem Duck And Shoot”

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Format: Pre-Owned Vinyl LP

Notes On Vinyl Condition: Album has been washed and deemed to be in VG+ condition or better. Please purchase with confidence.

Notes On Cover Condition: Normal shelf wear.

  1. What A Cajun Is
  2. Cajun Hunter Who Couldn't Spell
  3. The High Jumping Bear Hunter
  4. Stubborn Pointer
  5. Sure Cure For A Sick Mule
  6. Insistent Pointer
  7. A Retriever That Couldn't Swim
  8. Chicken Hawk Gumbo
  9. A Dog's Reaction To Teenage Dancers
  10. The Short-Legged Duck
  11. The Crack-Shot Guide
  12. The Lamb Who Thought He Was A Dog
  13. Determined Deer Hunter
  14. Four Ducks Over The Limit
  15. A Youth Who Hunted Squirrel With A Handicap

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