The WWF Attitude Collection: Austin Vs. McMahon

The WWF Attitude Collection: Austin Vs. McMahon


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Austin vs. McMahon was a popular feud in the World Wrestling Federation, starting in 1998, that pitted Stone Cold Steve Austin against WWF Chairman Vince McMahon. The end to the feud is unknown. Some claim it ended during the Invasion Angle, while some insist that it is still going today, just in an inactive role, since Austin is incapable of wrestling due to problems with his neck.

Regardless of when it ended, when it was in its prime, it was one of the most popular feuds of the day, and arguably one of the greatest feuds of all time. Some believe it was this feud alone that kept WWF alive during the Monday Night Wars (see “legacy” below). One thing is certain, however: It was one of the most commercially successful storylines of the 90's, and is regarded as one of the greatest and most important wrestling feuds of all time.

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