Challenge of the Gobots: The Series, Volume Two

Challenge of the Gobots: The Series, Volume Two


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Cry for "Moar" no more, good Guardian fans and rascally Renegade rooters! It's time for more GoBots in this concluding volume, packed to the rafters with more transforming robotics, sci-fi twists and animated action than you can shake a Cy-Kill at! Among the pulse-pounding challenges found within is the astounding five-part GoBotron Saga, which sees the Guardians undertake an epic quest to discover the mythical Last Engineer and uncover GoBotron's origins in order to save the life of Turbo -- and planet Earth itself! Other challenges include turncoat traitors ("Steamer's Defection"), dino-clones ("Destroy All Guardians") and a trip to New Earth ("Quest for New Earth"), deep in the reaches of space! So fire up your cyber-disc machine and get ready to rock and robot with Leader-1, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Scooter and the rest! Bot-Bonus: The legendary "ROBO-FORCE: THE REVENGE OF NAZGAR" TV special, featuring Maxx Steele and more Robo-Force favorites!

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