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Mass Effect Trilogy: Vinyl Collection (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (LITA Exclusive Cloudy Clear)

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Release Date: 03/11/2022
Format: 4 X LP
Label: SpaceLab9 / Light In The Attic Records
Release type: LITA Exclusive Cloudy Clear 4LP Vinyl Boxset

  • Pressed on clear vinyl
  • * Four-pocket quad-fold LP jacket with spot UV and red & black metallic foil stamping highlights

The board is green. The approach run has begun. Relive the pulse-pounding adventures of Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy with this massive collection of 85 tracks from the critically acclaimed action role-playing video game trilogy, painstakingly designed and curated by the BioWare sound team and specially mastered for vinyl.

  1. Uncharted Worlds
  2. Saren
  3. The Citadel
  4. The Presidium
  5. Spectre Induction
  6. Protecting the Colony
  7. The Normandy
  8. Noveria
  9. Breeding Ground
  10. Ilos
  11. Exit
  12. Love Theme
  13. Sovereign's Theme
  14. Liara's World
  15. The Thorian
  16. Virmire Ride
  17. Uplink
  18. Infusion
  19. Vigil
  20. Battling Saren

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