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The Donnas

Spend The Night (Yellow Vinyl)

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Limited Edition 180 Gram Yellow Deluxe Edition Vinyl
THE DONNAS' ALBUM "SPEND THE NIGHT" IS SO MUCH FUN YOU'LL WANT TO STAY FOR BREAKFAST!!! So said the publicity at the time of it's release, this despite these four girls being, "Every mother's nightmare, every school boy's dream," according to Spin magazine. Spin also reckoned they were, "The coolest band in America," whereas Kerrang! Magazine recognized their "Grimy, glorious rock 'n' roll... dripping star power and packing irresistible pop-rock. "Vocalist Brett Anderson, guitarist Allison Robertson, bassist Maya Ford and drummer Torry Castellano formed The Donnas in May 1993, adopting the respective stage names Donna A, Donna R, Donna F and Donna C, putting out their first, independently released album in 1997. Taking inspiration from the punky pop rock of the Ramones and The Runaways, mixed with the classic rock of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and KISS, by 2002, they had come to the attention of Atlantic Records, who proclaimed, "The Donnas spit out idiosyncratic pop-punk anthems of rock 'n' roll fantasy and teenage kicks with plenty of goofy putdowns and tough-attitude posturing, largely fuelled by their life on the road. " And if you were in any doubt, they were, "Inspired by AC/DC, the Sex Pistols and Madonna, Donna A's lipstick-snarl vocals pummel Donna C's and Donna F's furious chug and Donna R's early Guns 'n' Roses guitar wall. "2002's "Spend The Night", the first of two albums released by Atlantic, saw the band appear on mainstream US TV shows, such as David Letterman and Jay Leno, whilst taking a mainstage slot on 2004's Lollapalooza tour. Brandishing what Time Out called, "Witty hard rock and punk garage pop from these fab California femmes," lead to appearances on a number of film soundtracks (including Dodgeball, Mean Girls, Elektra and Herbie Fully Loaded), as well as a number of computer games, for which they appeared tailor made, as The Independent hailed them as a, "hard-rocking fast-living all-girl quartet who pump out Ramones-style pop-punk with a nice degree of humour. " If that wasn't enough, they also sound-tracked Budweiser, Levis and Rolling Stone advertising campaigns too. Featuring the singles 'Take It Off' and 'Who Invited You', this expanded edition of "Spend The Night" now features five bonus tracks; 'Hyperactive', 'Rock 'N' Roll Machine', 'Mama's Boy', 'Play My Game' and 'Backstage', the latter taken from the soundtrack to the remake of "Freaky Friday".
1 It's on the Rocks
2 Take It Off
3 Who Invited You
4 All Messed Up
5 Dirty Denim
6 You Wanna Get Me High
7 I Don't Care (So There)
8 Pass It Around
9 Too Bad About Your Girl
10 Not the One
11 Big Rig
12 Please Don't Tease
13 Take Me to the Backseat
14 5 O'Clock in the Morning
15 Hyperactive
16 Rock 'N' Roll Machine
17 Mama's Boy
18 Play My Game
19 Backstage

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