Songs: Ohia

Live: Vanquishers (Tilburg, Netherlands. Oct 9, 2000) (Secretly Society Exclusive Clear Blue)

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Release Date: 03/01/2022
Format: 2 X LP
Label: Secretly Canadian
Release type: Secretly Society Exclusive Clear Blue Double Vinyl LP Pressing

Secretly Canadian proudly announce Static & Distance, the new official Jason Molina fan community, aiming to provide a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the life and work of a generation-defining artist.

Along with it, we are releaseing Live: Vanquishers, a new Songs: Ohia live LP recorded in Tilburg, Netherlands on October 9th, 2000. The LP, on limited Blue Vinyl, will be available via the fan community and Secretly Society exclusively, marking the first release via Static & Distance, with much more to come.

  1. Nobody Tries That Hard Anymore
  2. Are We Getting Any Closer
  3. Tigress
  4. Being In Love
  5. VU Anxiety
  6. Cabwaylingo
  7. Lioness
  8. It Won't Be Easy
  9. She Came To Me As A Ghost
  10. The Black Crow
  11. Come Back To Your Man
  12. Translation

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