Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Reissue)

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Release Date: 03/09/2010
Format: LP
Label: Matador – OLE 079-0, OLE 079-1
Release type: Reissued Vinyl LP Pressing

''Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain'' is an album released by Pavement in 1994. With this album, the band abandoned the lo-fi sound displayed on ''Slanted and Enchanted'' (as well as their drummer, Gary Young). During the tour for ''Slanted'', the band added percussionist Bob Nastanovich and bassist Mark Ibold; partway through this album's recording sessions, Gary Young was replaced by Steve West. The album featured the band at its most easily accessible, and the single "Cut Your Hair" was the band's closest brush with mainstream success.

  1. Silence Kit
  2. Elevate Me Later
  3. Stop Beathin'
  4. Cut Your Hair
  5. Newark Wilder
  6. Unfair
  7. Gold Soundz
  8. 5-4=Unity
  9. Range Life
  10. Heaven Is a Truck
  11. Hit the Plane Down
  12. Fillmore Jive

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