John Prine

John Prine

Diamonds In The Rough (180 Gram)

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Release Date: 09/18/2020

Format: LP
Label: Rhino Records
Release type: Reissued 180 Gram Vinyl LP Release

Diamonds in the Rough is the second studio album by American country-folk singer-songwriter John Prine, released in 1972. John Prine's second studio album including "Sour Grapes" and "Souvenirs". 

  1. Everybody
  2. The Torch Singer
  3. Souvenirs
  4. The Late John Garfield Blues
  5. Sour Grapes
  6. Billy the Bum
  7. The Frying Pan
  8. Yes I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You
  9. Take the Star Out of the Window
  10. The Great Compromise
  11. Clocks and Spoons
  12. Rocky Mountain Time
  13. Diamonds in the Rough

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