Janette King

Janette King

What We Lost (Indie Exclusive)

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Release Date: 07/02/2021
Format: LP
Label: Hot Tramp
Release type: Indie Exclusive Vinyl LP Pressing

On her debut album, Montreal artist Janette King explores the many complexities of loss — from enduring the pain to coping with the change it inevitably causes. What We Lost was created by Janette King’s own experiences grappling with loss in her life; the near loss of a family member, the end of a deep relationship, and ultimately the loss of her sense of self. The album was recorded on the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests of summer 2020, which further intensified the theme of loss underlying the album, bringing about track ‘Change’, which speaks to police brutality and the loss of black lives. Through an intricate blend of house, pop, and R&B reminiscent of Kelela and Lauryn Hill, Janette King unfolds the raw emotion behind What We Lost through songs and poetry.

  1. Airplane 03:26
  2. You Don't Love Me 03:55
  3. Mars 03:39
  4. Unconditional 03:12
  5. Cool Me Down ft. DijahSB 03:45
  6. What We Lost 02:16
  7. Right Here 03:31
  8. Change 03:47
  9. Mirror ft. Maryze 04:02
  10. Caught in Smoke 04:05
  11. Ooh Yeah 03:58
  12. Found a Way 03:19

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