The Studio Albums 1996-2004 (Colored)

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Release Date: 09/22/2023
Format: 5 X LP, 7" Vinyl
Label: BMG Rights Management
Release type: Colored 5LP Vinyl Box Set with 7" Vinyl

This limited edition deluxe LP box set features Dio's final four studio albums. The LP set is housed in a side-loading box with newly created art and gold foil. The box set contains five 180g marble color LPs and a 7" of the rare single "Electra."

The box includes 1996's Angry Machines on 1LP Halloween orange with black marble vinyl; 2000's Magica 2LP on transparent blood red & black smoke vinyl + the "Electra" 7" single on cobalt blue vinyl. 2002's Killing the Dragon 1LP on transparent yellow with black marble vinyl; and 2004's Master of the Moon 1LP on electric blue with milky clear marble vinyl.

Angry Machines (1996)

  1. Institutional Man
  2. Don't Tell the Kids
  3. Black
  4. Hunter of the Heart
  5. Stay Out of My Mind
  6. Big Sister
  7. Double Monday
  8. Golden Rules
  9. Dying in America
  10. This Is Your Life

Magica (2000)

  1. Discovery
  2. Magica Theme
  3. Lord of the Last Day
  4. Fever Dreams
  5. Turn to Stone
  6. Feed My Head
  7. Eriel
  8. Chalis
  9. As Long As It's Not About Love
  10. Losing My Insanity (Live on Magica Tour)
  11. Otherworld (Live on Magica Tour)
  12. Magica (Reprise)
  13. Lord of the Last Day (Reprise)
  14. Magica Story

Killing the Dragon (2002)

  1. Killing the Dragon
  2. Along Comes a Spider
  3. Scream
  4. Better in the Dark
  5. Rock and Roll
  6. Push
  7. Guilty
  8. Throw Away Children
  9. Before the Fall
  10. Cold Feet

Master of the Moon (2004)

  1. One More for the Road
  2. Master of the Moon
  3. The End of the World
  4. Shivers
  5. The Eyes
  6. The Man Who Would Be King
  7. Living the Lie
  8. I Am
  9. Death By Love
  10. In Dreams

7" Vinyl

  1. Electra

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