The Mavericks

The Mavericks

En Espanol (Blue Cassette)

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Release Date: 04/30/2021
 Recording The Masters
Release type:
 Cassette Tape

ThinkIndie Distribution is teaming with RecordingTheMasters, the worldwide leader in reel-to-reel tape manufacturing, to reissue a selection of critically acclaimed albums across a wide range of genres on cassette for the first time ever. The albums are being released on RecordingTheMasters' new FOX C-60 analog compact music cassette, which possesses sound quality superior to traditional music cassette tapes. The FOX C-60 is the only cassette available offering high-quality audio in an analog format, ideal for listening, recording, and archiving. Groundbreaking country/rock group The Mavericks' latest release En Espanol is their first-ever Spanish language album, finding the group looking beyond their country and rock influences to make a Latin album that stands out from the rest of their discography. NPR's "Morning Edition" notes that "the Latin American lineage The Mavericks explores is part of American roots music,"and the Los Angeles Times raves that "the album abounds with poignant odes to love lost, longed for, and won."
  1. La Sitiera
  2. Recuerdos
  3. No Vale la Pena
  4. Poder Vivir
  5. Sombras Nada Más
  6. Mujer
  7. Me Olvidé de Vivir
  8. Pensando en Ti
  9. Sabor a Mí
  10. Suspiro Azul
  11. Cuando Me Enamoro
  12. Me Voy a Pinar del Río

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