William Patrick Corgan

William Patrick Corgan


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Limited double clear/black marble colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2019 release, the third solo album by Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan frontman Billy Corgan (under the name William Patrick Corgan). Corgan has said this album is a "true labor of love" in an Instagram post about Cotillions, expressing his gratitude towards his fans and his disdain of the mass media, while also being grateful of living in a "different world", where "an artist can speak directly to you without the filter of mass media shaping your heart and opinions before you've even had a chance to decide whether this music speaks to you."

1 To Scatter One's Own
2 Hard Times
3 Jubilee
4 Fragile, the Spark
5 Cotillions
6 Faithless Darlin'
7 Colosseum
8 Martinets
9 Buffalo Boys
10 Dancehall
11 Cri de Coeur
12 Like Lambs
13 Rider
14 Apologia
15 Neptulius
16 6+7
17 Anon

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