Wheeler Walker Jr

Wheeler Walker Jr

Sex, Drugs & Country Music

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Release Date: 08/05/2022
Format: LP
 Pepper Hill Records
Release type:
 Vinyl LP Pressing.

That sound you hear is the entire city of Nashville wetting their pants - some in excitement, most in fear - because Wheeler Walker Jr. Is back. And he has a new album, "Sex, Drugs & Country Music" that many are already calling the greatest country album of all time. One listen through "Sex, Drugs & Country" reveals where Wheeler's unrivaled confidence comes from. Once again produced by Dave Cobb (except the song "God Told Me To F*** You," which was produced by someone else) and recorded at historic RCA Studio A, the album is a loud, unapologetic roar of a comeback. Wheeler explains, "I figured if I'm gonna save country music, why not save Rock 'n' Roll too while I'm at it?" "Sex, Drugs & Country Music." Try listening to it without shitting your pants. We dare you.
  1. Beaver Fever
  2. Fucked By A Country Boy
  3. She's A Country Music Fan
  4. Pussy & Beer
  5. Gold Told Me To Fuck You
  6. Sluts In Heaven
  7. Honky Tonk Whore
  8. Tears In My Jizz
  9. Beavertown
  10. Sex, Drugs & Country Music
  11. Fuck That Guy

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