Veruca Salt


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Limited white vinyl LP pressing. IV is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock group Veruca Salt. After line-up changes in the group, founding member Louise Post returned to the studio along with Stephen Fitzpatrick (guitars), Kellii Scott (drums) and Nicole Fiorentino (bass). The result was Veruca Salt IV, a hard-hitting album which plays to all of the band's grunge, alt-rock and pop strengths. Highlights include the single 'So Weird' and the sprawling 'Salt Flat Epic'.
So Weird 3:35
Centipede 3:00
Innocent 2:53
Circular Trend 2:42
Perfect Love 3:42
Closer 3:27
Sick As Your Secrets 5:36
Wake Up Dead 3:34
Damage Done 4:10
Blissful Queen 3:44
The Sun 3:57
Comes And Goes 2:30
Save You 4:24
Salt Flat Epic 7:57

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