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Penny & The Quarters & Friends

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Release Date: 12/09/2022
Format: LP
Label: Numero
Release type: "Smoke In Your Eyes" Vinyl LP Pressing

"You and Me" by Penny & the Quarters simply refused to stay lost. For 40 years, the song sat silent in a box of reels before heartthrob Ryan Gosling selected it to star in 2010's indie weeper Blue Valentine. The power of the track set off an international treasure hunt in pursuit of the mysterious artists behind it. Since then, "You and Me" has soundtracked thousands of weddings, spawned hundreds of YouTube covers, and tugged heartstrings for scores of advertisements and films. Fifteen years after Eccentric Soul: The Prix label became Numero's worst selling compilation, we've reanalyzed the tapes and selected 11 equally-as-fascinating rehearsals caught by engineer Clem Price in Columbus, Ohio, in 1970.

  1. You and Me
  2. Glad I Found You
  3. You Are Mine
  4. You Are Giving Me Some Other Love
  5. All in the Past
  6. Since I Fell for You
  7. I'm a Stranger
  8. I Cried a Tear
  9. You Got Me (Demo)
  10. Will I Ever
  11. Don't Take Your Love from Me
  12. Untitled Studio Moves

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