Various Artists

Various Artists

UFC: Ultimate Beatdowns Volume 1 - Metal

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1 –Ufc Intro ("Optimus Bellum Domitor")
2 –Stemm Face The Pain
3 –Slayer Warzone
4 –Damageplan Blunt Force Trauma
5 –Hatebreed Live For This
6 –American Head Charge Cowards
7 –Shadows Fall Power Of I And I
8 –Sepultura Bullet In The Blue Sky
9 –Fear Factory Slave Labor
10 –Icepick Born To Crush You
11 –Killswitch Engage Breathe Life
12 –Chimaira Indifferent To Suffering
13 –U.P.O. It's Alright
14 –Index Case Listen
15 –Black Flood Diesel Lost Cause
16 –Scars Of Life Dying Here

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