Two-A-Days: Hoover High Season 1

Two-A-Days: Hoover High Season 1


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WELCOME TO HOOVER, ALABAMA, WHERE FOOTBALL IS A WAY OF LIFE. FOLLOW THE HOOVER HIGH SCHOOL BUCCANEERS AS THEY CHASE THEIR 4TH STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE IN 5 YEARS, ALL WHILE BALANCING THENORMAL PRESSURES OF BEING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS. It's the opposite of Freaks and Geeks. MTV's documentary series Two-A-Days is a look at the lives of the popular kids, the varsity football players and cheerleaders of Alabama's Hoover High. If the film-turned-TV program Friday Night Lights is fiction that feels like fact, Two-A-Days takes the fiction out of that equation. The show spends an entire season with the Buccaneers--two practices every day. At the start of 2005, the Bucs are in the midst of a 23-game winning streak. That can't last forever. It doesn't. As in the NBC drama, the town revolves around football, which adds to the stress level, i.e. when the Bucs lose, the community mourns. The primary players are Ross (quarterback), Repete (defensive end), Goose (defensive tackle), and Max and narrator Alex (safetys). As Alex notes in the pilot ("Kickoff"), "At Hoover, football is like a religion and the players on our high school team are celebrities." The top dog is tough-talking head coach Rush Propst, who gives R. Lee Ermey's Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant a run for the money. They're a charismatic bunch, but it's too bad gentle giant Bryan, a band member during the off-season, gets such short shrift. In the first season (the series was renewed for a second), the players deal with injuries, demanding parents, and suspicious girlfriends. They ease the pressure with pranks and parties. Their biggest pressure: Will the Buccaneers win their fourth consecutive state championship or will they let personal problems get in the way? The answer comes in the eighth episode ("One Last Game"). The ninth ("What Next?") wraps up the rest of the year, while the third disc ("Overtime") features highlights, outtakes, and promo spots.

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