Trey Gruber

Trey Gruber

Herculean House Of Cards

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A tortured songwriter and struggling addict who jolted the tired Chicago DIY scene with his own brand of primal despair, Trey Gruber and his band Parent were on track to join the ranks of Twin Peaks, Mild High Club, and Whitney. His death in 2017 at the age of 26 brought it all to a halt. In his final years, Trey wrote and recorded hundreds of previously unheard demos, dandelions in the cracked concrete of 21st-century disconnect, an alphabet's worth of which have been compiled by his family and friends for his only album: Herculean House Of Cards.

1 Eisenhower to the West Side
2 Do You Feel Fine
3 Guillotine
4 Same
5 Money's Ran Off
6 Pray to Christ in Heaven
7 No Man for No Home
8 Last July
9 Sister Say
10 Dirt
11 I Tried
12 Summer City
13 Jess
14 Stay in Line
15 Get Your Fix
16 On Fear
17 Momma's Way
18 Herculean House of Cards
19 The Leaving
20 In Between - Live
21 Ain't Nobody's Fault - Live
22 Fool's Gold - Live
23 Even Jesus Christ Had Died - Live
24 Eisenhower to the West Side (Ballad Reprise) - Live
25 Hammer Out the Edges (Bonus Track)

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