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In The Eyes Of God

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Release Date: 2010
Format: Pre-Owned CD
Label: Relapse Records
Catalog Number: RR7079

In The Eyes Of God CD
CD-1 In The Eyes Of God 3:11
CD-2 Going To Hell 7:09
CD-3 Spotting A Unicorn 1:20
CD-4 Possession 1:03
CD-5 The Color Of Psychic Power 2:05
CD-6 Mayari 3:22
CD-7 Soldier Of Fortune 1:50
CD-8 Bionic Cock 1:54
CD-9 Argali 2:13
CD-10 Afterlife 1:46
CD-11 Himself 1:40
CD-12 Daddy 1:13
CD-13 Who Is The Black Angel? 1:27
CD-14 Martial Law 2:32
CD-15 False Reality 2:37
CD-16 The Russian Child Porn Ballet 1:36
CD-17 The Cold Harshness Of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life 1:43
CD-18 Honor 2:18
CD-19 Worn Out 0:57
CD-20 There Is No End 8:44
CD-21 Afterlife (Demo) 1:51
CD-22 Argali (Demo) 2:16
CD-23 In The Eyes Of God (Demo) 3:09
CD-24 Martial Law (Demo) 2:39
CD-25 Possession (Demo) 1:07
CD-26 Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (Demo) 1:51
In The Eyes Of God Die By The Wolf DVD
DVD-1 In The Beginning 1:58
DVD-2 Martial Law 2:34
DVD-3 Honor 2:22
DVD-4 Spotting A Unicorn 2:49
DVD-5 Live In The Middle East 55:45
DVD-6 Reflections 1:51
DVD-7 Eclipse Of The Sun 6:32

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