The Plastic Cloud

The Plastic Cloud

Plastic Cloud (2018 Remaster)

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Release Date: 03/25/2018
Format: LP
Label: Lion Productions
Release type: Limited Vinyl LP Pressing

  • One of the top underground psychedelic albums ever released
  • Original Allied Records pressings (released in 1968) sell for nearly $1,000
  • LP pressed in a 180-gram edition of 400x copies—only 300x copies for sale outside of Canada
  • Comes with lyric insert and replica vintage press release

    Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest underground psychedelic albums ever made: a swirl of gossamer vocals and Tolkien references, swathed in some of the most relentless fuzz guitars you will ever hear. A record with few equals, full of foreboding melodies and lovely hippie harmonies, as well as some of the trippiest fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no need to single out a specific track, they are all excellent—one is equally as good as the next. Take for example the album centerpiece, the ten-and-a-half-minute ‘You Don’t Care,’ an insane piece of social commentary that features terrific back-of-the-mix fuzz guitar as an elusive focal point to its extended pounding-drum laden instrumental breaks; a ten-minute swath of lysergic fuzz guitar that closes out the first side, it doesn’t overstay its welcome, winding its way to a final freak out. Essential psychedelia!

    1. Epistle To Paradise
    2. Shadows Of Your Mind
    3. Art's A Happy Man
    4. You Don't Care
    5. Bridge Under The Sky
    6. Face Behind The Sun
    7. Dainty General Rides
    8. Civilization Machine

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