The Owls

The Owls

Owls (Indie Exclusive Translucent Blood Orange)

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Release Date: 07/08/2022
Format: LP
Label: Jade Tree / Epitaph
Release type: Indie Exclusive Translucent Blood Orange Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

After several years pursuing careers apart from one another, the original line-up of the revered Cap'n Jazz reunited to form Chicago's art-funk post-rock groove outfit, OWLS, Featuring Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc), Mike Kinsella (Joan of Arc, American Football), Victor Villarreall (Ghosts and Vodka), and Sam Zu-rick (Joan of Arc, Ghosts and Vodka), OWLS retained the obtuse structures of their previous bands while sonically stripping down to the basics of pure simple rock. Available again on vinyl for the first time since 2011!

1 What Whorse You Wrote Id on
2 Anyone Can Have a Good Time
3 I Want the Quiet Moments of a Party Girl
4 Everyone Is My Friend
5 I Want the Blindingly Cute to Confide in Me
6 For Nat's Brother Whose Name I Never Knew or Can't Remember
7 Life in the Hair Salon - Themed Bar on the Island
8 Holy F***ing Ghost

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