The Good Life

The Good Life

Album of the Year (180 Gram)

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Release Date: 08/10/2004
Format: 2 X LP
Label: Saddle Creek
Release type: 180 Gram Double Vinyl LP Pressing

The band's sound has evolved from the refined, quiet pop of the first full-length, "Novena On A Nocturn", to the moody hooks of 2002's "Black Out" to the anthems of divorce and disillusionment found on the recent "Lovers Need Lawyers" EP. The sum of these parts is found on "Album Of The Year". Catchy, moody, pop rock that fluctuates between the all-ages club and the smoky cabaret, right alongside sing-along crescendos that spin into cinematic bursts.

  1. Album Of The Year 5:10
  2. Night And Day 3:29
  3. Under A Honeymoon 4:52
  4. You're No Fool 3:50
  5. Notes In His Pocket 3:42
  6. You're Not You 5:38
  7. October Leaves 4:57
  8. Lovers Need Lawyers 2:40
  9. Inmates 9:39
  10. Needy 3:52
  11. A New Friend 3:29
  12. Two Years This Month 4:44

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