The Big Valley - Season 2, Volume 1

The Big Valley - Season 2, Volume 1


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Eugene Barkley, we hardly knew ye. The youngest of the Barkley sons (quick--who portrayed him? That's right; Charles Briles) is nowhere to be found in The Big Valley's sophomore season. But lawyer Jarrod (Richard Long), hot-headed Nick (Peter Breck), soulful "bastard son" Heath (Lee Majors), and coltish daughter Audra (Linda Evans) get into all the trouble and two-fisted action they can handle. And there's nothing the close-knit Barkleys, headed by matriarch Victoria (regally billed as "Miss Barbara Stanwyck") can't handle, whether it's defending the family name against the false accusations of an unscrupulous, grudge-bearing politician, rescuing Heath from a Mexican prison, or being abandoned in the desert. The drama of Heath's heritage, a focus of season 1, is settled once and for all in the season opener, "The Lost Treasure," in which a con man claims to be Heath's father. By episode's end, even Nick is calling Heath "brother."

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