The 13th Floor Elevators

13 Of The Best Of The 13th Floor Elevators (180 Gram Red)

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Release Date: 04/14/2023
Format: LP
Label: Charly
Release type: 180 Gram Red Vinyl LP Release

2023 collection from the psych rock icons. Each original source has been referenced to the earliest vinyl pressing and meticulously transferred at 96khz 24-bit resolution. Multitrack tapes of the original recording sessions have been newly mixed in strict accordance with the records as first released. 13 Of The Best is produced by 13th Floor Elevators archivist and historian Paul Drummond who has also written sleeve notes with full track-by-track information.

  1. You're Gonna Miss Me
  2. Through the Rhythm
  3. Roller Coaster
  4. Reverberation (Doubt)
  5. Kingdom of Heaven
  6. I've Got Levitation
  7. She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)
  8. Slip Inside This House
  9. Earthquake
  10. Never Another
  11. Dr Doom
  12. Livin' on
  13. May the Circle Remain

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