Ten Years After

Ten Years After


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Limited purple colored vinyl LP pressing. Ten Years After's eponymous debut hit the door with a loud thud. Undead cracked it. And with 1969's Stonedhenge, they knocked it down with authority, stormed the palace and showed the world that they were indeed a major act. Stonedhenge was where Ten Years After really came into their own with originals. "Hear Me Calling" is brilliant modern blues on par with the best of early Fleetwood Mac, rising from a restrained beginning to all-out rocking before repeating the cycle one last time.

- Disc 1 -
1 Going to Try
2 I Can't Live Without Lydia
3 Woman Trouble
4 Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob
5 Hear Me Calling
- Disc 2 -
1 A Sad Song
2 Three Blind Mice
3 No Title
4 Faro
5 Speed Kills

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