Taito Sound Team

Taito Sound Team


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Legendary Japanese video game developer Taito has always had one constant throughout most of its existence: incredible soundtracks by in-house band ZUNTATA.


  • First ever vinyl release
  • Remastered for vinyl using source files from the Taito archive
  • Liner notes by USgamer’s Jeremy Parish and ZUNTATA member Katsuhisa Ishikawa
  • Available on Yellow and Black vinyl – Randomly packed


  1. Urban Trail (Night Striker)
  2. System Down (Elevator Action Returns)
  3. Dual Moon (Metal Black)
  4. Blow Up (Elevator Action Returns)
  5. A Mirage of Mine (Metal Black)
  6. Phantasm (Metal Black)
  7. Elevator Action '95 (Elevator Action Returns)
  8. Red & Yellow (Metal Black)
  9. ma-gu-ri-vu (Night Striker)
  10. Born to Be Free (Metal Black)
  11. Burning Road (Night Striker)
  12. Colors of Nights (Elevator Action Returns)
  13. Si-Mail (Night Striker)
  14. Commune (Night Striker)

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