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Silversun Pickups


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Release Date: 02/20/2007
Format: 2 X LP
Label: Dangerbird
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing

Their debut full-length, following the EP "Pikul". Using "Pikul" as a blueprint, "Carnavas" seamlessly continues the moody nature of Silver sun's signature sound: fuzzy guitars, driving bass grooves, ethereal keyboards, angular drums, and raspy vocals.

  1. Melatonin
  2. Well Thought Out Twinkles
  3. Checkered Floor
  4. Little Lover's So Polite
  5. Future Foe Scenarios
  6. Waste It on
  7. Lazy Eye
  8. Rusted Wheel
  9. Dream at Tempo 119
  10. Three Seed
  11. Common Reactor

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