Shell Shock/Battle of Blood Island

Shell Shock/Battle of Blood Island


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War is hell -- especially if you're a G.I. suffering from Shell Shock! Bonked on the head during the Battle of Bronson Canyon, Johnny Wade is ready to crack. But that doesn't stop rotten Sgt. Rance from sending Wade out to capture a German ammo dump which results in Johnny having a complete mental breakdown: "Sure a psycho, ain't he?" Though everyone realizes Johnny needs medical help -- especially since he's throwing himself around his tent like it was a padded cell -- Rance thinks it would be more amusing if crazy Johnny was running loose in German territory. Sure enough, Rance helps Johnny "escape," and wacky Wade is soon racing around Italy with no idea of what planet he's on!. Directed with brisk efficiency by exploitation vet John Patrick Hayes (Grave of the Vampire), here's a fun little low-budget war epic in which the Hollywood Hills pass for 1943 Italy! Plus: All that's left after the Battle of Blood Island are gloating Japanese and a beach littered with dead G.I.'s. But two of the "dead" aren't: Moe is just playing possum while Ken is alive but seriously wounded. Essentially strangers, the two must learn to work together, elude the enemy, and somehow survive -- despite an unwelcome explosion of some old-fashioned American bigotry.... Shot in Cuba back-to-back with Last Woman on Earth and Creature from the Haunted Sea, pay attention to the G.I. barking orders at the end and you'll spot executive producer Roger Corman, no doubt playing a part to stretch a buck!

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