Lone Star

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Release Date: 9/9/2016
Format: LP
Label: Purple Pyramid
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing

Limited vinyl pressing of this rare gem from the acid soaked early '70s, a short lived psych-folk project from former Tyrannosaurus Rex percussionist Steve Peregrin Took and Pink Fairies/Motörhead member Larry Wallis. Shagrat was formed by Took and Mick Farren in February 1970 after they split with Twink, their partner in the prototype Pink Fairies supergroup of late 1969. They recruited Wallis (guitar, backing vocals) and Tim Taylor (bass). Mick Farren left the band shortly after and never recorded with them. Shagrat then became Took's band outright with Wallis, Taylor, Phil Lenoir (drums), and later Dave Bidwell (percussion). As well as being an offshoot of the birth of the original Pink Fairies incarnation of 1970-1972, Shagrat set the template for Took's solo/frontman career (into which the band eventually mutated). Shagrat would also prove to be an ancestor of the 1973 Pink Fairies incarnation which recorded the Kings Of Oblivion album, after Farren recommended Wallis to the Fairies as a guitarist/singer, based on his guitar playing with Shagrat.

1 Amanda
2 Strange Sister
3 Still Yawning, Still-Born
4 Beautiful Dancer
5 Peppermint Flickstick
6 Boo! I Said Freeze
7 Steel Abortion
8 I Caught You A/K/A Steel Abortion
9 Give A/K/A Still Yawning, Still-Born
10 Flophouse Blues (Reprise)

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