Ruston Kelly

Ruston Kelly

Take Care

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Vinyl LP pressing. The 8-track release consists of Kelly's favorite emo songs including a rendition of Dashboard Confessional's "Screaming Infidelities," featuring the band's lead singer Chris Carrabba. Of the project, Kelly shares, "I don't play country, this stuff is dirt emo. It's like crying in a barn or angsting in your room with a banjo." In addition to "Screaming Infidelities," the project also includes Kelly's previously released versions of The Carter Family's "Weeping Willow" and Taylor Swift's "All Too Well." Originally released as an Amazon Original, Kelly's "All Too Well" received widespread critical praise as well as attention from Swift herself. Of the song, Billboard declares, "Kelly puts his own haunting spin on the track with yearning vocals, delicate percussion and soaring instrumentation," while UPROXX praises, "... his rendition is a beautiful tribute to the raw emotionality of the original. He makes the song his own with atmospheric instrumentals, replacing Swift's driving percussion with drums that sound more soft

1. Screaming Infidelities (feat. Chris Carrabba)
2. Teenage Dirtbag (Live)
3. At Your Funeral
4. Dammit
5. All Too Well
6. Teenage Dirtbag (Acoustic)
7. Weeping Willow
8. Helena

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