Cold Fact

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Release Date: 08/30/2019
Format: LP
Label: UME
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing

Cold Fact is the debut album from singer-songwriter Rodriguez. It was released in the United States on the Sussex label in March 1970. The album sold very poorly in the United States (Rodriguez was himself an unknown in the U.S.), but managed to sell well in both South Africa and Australia, with Rodriguez touring Australia in 1979.

1 Sugar Man
2 Only Good for Conversation
3 Crucify Your Mind
4 Establishment Blues
5 Hate Street Dialogue
6 Forget It
7 Inner City Blues
8 I Wonder
9 Like Janis
10 Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)
11 Rich Folks Hoax
12 Jane S. Piddy

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